The Bice-Ferguson Museum became a reality on May 7, 2006,  thanks to the vision of two former residents Don and Lota (Ferguson) Bice.  When the Museum opened there was an extensive collection of antique telephones and furniture that were donated by this generous couple. They also bought the building and paid for the remodeling of the First National Bank Building located at 400 Pike Street in downtown Shinnston.  The building was bought for the City of Shinnston, Board of Museums.

The Museum is accepting donations from area residents and  the displays are beginning to change to reflect the history of Shinnston and surrounding communities…The railroads, pottery, coal mining, oil wells and mills all played a part in shaping the history of the community.  There were entreprenuers who started factories and exported products.  And let us not forget the churches of all denominations that were an integral part of the city. Clay District High School (later called Shinnston High School) memorabilia is housed in the Shinnston High School Alumni room on the second floor.
The Museum also includes uniforms of area veterans and their pictures.  We honor area veterans each year in a special program.

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Soil. The government is expecting most of the population to be totally unprepared also, having no food virtually, water, medicine or additional supplies to maintain themselves alive. While we can not browse the minds of federal government preppers, it’s a near-certainty that their imagined scenarios include a power grid failure from EMP weapons, a nuclear bomb scenario in a significant U.S. Town, and a pandemic outbreak scenario . The U.S. Authorities currently believes that the populace ought to be highly discouraged from preparing on their own and that all prepping actions beyond a 3-day time effort should be exclusively conducted by government. The clueless mainstream press, meanwhile, satirizes all preppers incessantly, acting as if anyone who believes in food insurance is mentally ill somehow. Continue reading

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If you need specific ingredient or chemical, online search will provide you with plenty of suppliers all around the global world. It would be smart to get complete information regarding the supplier to make the legitimate deal. Getting in nutraceutical or pharmaceutical industry, you must always remember the health and welfare of the people and have to work accordingly.. Choose the Right Pharmaceutical Supplier USA Pharmaceutical industry has been made to this extent that it plays an excellent role in today’s economy. It has elevated the demand of study chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients which are used in the medication manufacturing process. Continue reading

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Vitamin D metabolites increase conversation between cells by switching on a proteins that blocks aggressive cell division, stated Garland about the findings. So long as vitamin D receptors can be found tumor development is prevented and held from growing its blood supply. Vitamin D receptors aren’t dropped until a tumor is very advanced. This is the reason for better survival in patients whose vitamin D bloodstream levels are high. Supplementing with vitamin D could help avoid developing cancer in the first place Though randomized, controlled clinical trials still need to be conducted to reinforce these findings, Garland and his co-workers think that doctors ought to be incorporating even more supplemental vitamin D into their patients’ diets right now for the betterment of their health. Continue reading

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Cogstate test shows effective treatment choice for schizophrenia Medical technology company Cogstate continues to strengthen its position as an important partner for measuring cognition in important studies around the world, with results from a schizophrenia study using Cogstate's check published in a major scientific journal. In a peer reviewed paper released in the European Neuropsychopharmacology journal co-authored by Cogstate Chief Research Officer Dr Paul Maruff, it was reported that Lurasidone, an atypical antipsychotic medication, improved cognitive function of schizophrenia patients, as measured by the Cogstate assessments, significantly more than the control group. Continue reading

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While the plan has earned support for helping elderly patients afford critical medicines, it has weathered some criticism for not really being properly funded also, resulting in the insurance coverage gap and a rise in the nation’s debt . The Hill’s Healthwatch Blog: CMS officials were also quick to notice the cost-slashing great things about the brand new health reform regulation. For instance, 750 roughly,000 Part D beneficiaries captured in the so-called ‘doughnut hole’ have obtained $250 rebate checks currently this season, [administrator Don] Berwick stated. Continue reading

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Nevertheless, there is slight pain experienced during the course of treatment. A Aesthetic Nurse or Clinician, who performs the treatment, may use a numbing cream on the patient’s face to lessen the discomfort. The clinicians may advise individuals of some safety measures also, and to discontinue usage of particular medicines for preconditioning of the skin for the treatment purpose. Learn more about anti-wrinkle shots Noosa by searching online. Is it safe to make use of anti-wrinkle injections? Experts clarify that there are no such harmful results caused by the treatment of anti-wrinkle injections. Continue reading

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You need to decide whether you wish to pay for the highest product out there, which is pretty good quality probably, or the less expensive product, Jost said. Everyone is and only competition until they find what it appears like. Then they think, probably it’s better for another person just to purchase the whole thing. Guess who gets the Mercedes and who has to accept the Chevy? Therefore much for that promised increased usage of quality healthcare. This is the national government deciding the type and quality of health care we, the tiny people, can have. Because you understand that the president and the ones in Congress who voted because of this outrage are likely to get the best care our taxes money can buy. Vapore, Inc.0 mm. To create the translucent blue casing. Continue reading

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The European Commission statement, which records data submitted for 2008, implies that studies investigating fundamental biological principles used approximately 4. On the other hand, the amount of animals found in the medication discovery pipeline for individual and veterinary medications dropped by more than a million to 2.7 million animals over the same period. Toxicology tests remained continuous at about 1 million animals. Image by asplosh via Flickr Creative Commons.. By Elie Dolgin Medication companies in the EU are turning to nonanimal ways of test medicines increasingly, but the number of pets used for preliminary research is on the rise, according to statistics published 30 September by the European Commission. Continue reading

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Astellas, Medivation submit European Advertising Authorization Application for XTANDI capsules Astellas Pharma Inc. and Medivation Inc. XTANDI is currently approved in European countries for the treatment of adult men with mCRPC whose disease offers progressed on or after docetaxel chemotherapy. The European application is based on the results from the Phase 3 PREVAIL trial analyzing XTANDI as compared to placebo in more than 1,700 chemotherapy-naive mCRPC patients. Continue reading

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Each year suffer from moderate and severe forms of the disease in which bleeding can be excessive if not really treated. Successful management of surgery or invasive techniques in mildly, moderately and severely individuals routinely requires correction of the bleeding defect. In the absence of correction of the bleeding defect, patients may suffer from prolonged bleeding and delayed wound healing. Alphanate is purified from pooled human being plasma from screened and tested U carefully.S. Donors, and contains the clotting proteins deficient or defective in vWD, which are Aspect VIII and von Willebrand aspect. Continue reading