And Medivation Inc.

Astellas, Medivation submit European Advertising Authorization Application for XTANDI capsules Astellas Pharma Inc. and Medivation Inc. XTANDI is currently approved in European countries for the treatment of adult men with mCRPC whose disease offers progressed on or after docetaxel chemotherapy. The European application is based on the results from the Phase 3 PREVAIL trial analyzing XTANDI as compared to placebo in more than 1,700 chemotherapy-naive mCRPC patients.Antibiotics are of no use’, explains Professor Gunnar Bjune in the Institute of Society and Health in the University of Oslo. Blood group O may be the most severe The cholera bacterium is definitely from Bangladesh originally, but in the past two centuries, it has spread to much of the globe and has generated a firm footing in lots of Asian and African countries. ‘Patients with bloodstream group O are most at risk of becoming seriously ill. People that have blood groups A, Stomach or B are even more protected against cholera’, says Ute Krengel.