Poker Tracker and The Big Learning Curve

The game of online poker is undoubtedly getting tougher and tougher. While new players continue to be introduced to the myriad of poker sites that seem to launch every week in hopes of carving out a niche, there are fewer now, compared to the amount of established and experienced players waiting to take their share of newcomers’ money.

Part of the reason is because the huge amounts of new players that came online over the last 2 or 3 years is waning although still significant as a growth industry.
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Another reason though is that many of those players have found it rather difficult to win consistently online, and just stop playing or play with insignificant bankrolls on a leisurely basis.

Understanding how tough this game can be is one of the reasons why designers and owners of software like Poker Tracker are pursuing new versions and updated products, because they understand that the rounders online are always looking for that extra edge over their opponents.

Poker Tracker can be thought of as the software for in depth after play analysis and on the fly help and statistics that may very well lead you to making more and more correct decisions at the table. Some players (especially new ones) will think it’s some sort of magic formula for winning instantly. It is certainly not that, but it will, however, present you with information on your own play and your opponents play to enable you to make the best decision in hand to hand combat situations.

Poker Tracker addresses two main components for study of your game which are self analysis and opponent analysis. You will need to delve into both aspects at some point, although for new players getting to know your own strengths and weaknesses may be a priority.

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