Title Description Price
“Bice-Ferguson Cookbook” Collection of favorite area recipes $10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Shinnston Tornado Written by John L. Finlayson and published in 1946, the book tells the story of devastation of the the tornado that ripped through the area on June 23, 1944.  Rare book, comes with book cover and complimentary DVD. $70
Shinnston High School Class of 1946…Looking Back Written by James Meredith Currey, this book contains all the graduates and teachers of Clay District High School and the later renamed Shinnston High School.  The book also contains the history of business in Shinnston in the first half of the 20th century.  A must read for anyone interested in early Shinnston history. $35
L.E. Alley:  Father of West Virginia Swirls and Maker of Fine Tableware Written by L.E. Alley III, it tells about Lawrence Alley who started many of the the glass plants in West Virginia.  Two pages of the book are on the Paquet Glass and Alley Glass in Shinnston. $40
Coach Jack Moore Written by Dr. C.R. Thomas, Jack Moore’s brother-in-law, this book is about Moore’s winning record as a secondary athletics coach. $25


Title Price
Shinnston, WV–1936 $10
Shinnston, WV–1940s $10
Movie Queen Comes to Town $10
Shinnston, WV–1952 Centennial $10
Thomas Mayfield–Tuskegee Airman $10
Dr. M.V. Kalaycioglu $10
Shinnston to Porterville:  Frank “Buck” Shaffer $10
Don Vincent $10
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